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Rory Bowcott

a self-confessed lover of tech and all things digital. After consuming tech-related content for the majority of his life he thought it was about time he gave something back to the community. 

That has manifested itself in the form of this blog.

My Story

I was born in the 90s and therefore grew up surrounded by emerging technology. That isn't to say I had access to it all though. My immediate family aren't exactly technophobes but they aren't tech-alcoholics either and so I made do with what I had access to. 

Looking back, it is pretty clear that I have always had an interest in technology and whenever a birthday was looming or Christmas was on the horizon, some form of tech was going to make it onto my wish list. I believe this interest in technology comes from my Grandad, who, at 100 years of age is still fascinated by what the world has to offer and he has a profound interest in how things work.

I'm not sure but it wouldn't surprise me if he was one of the world's oldest Apple Fan Boys.

Now, as an adult, my love of technology still burns strong and I am a self-confessed lover of all things digital. This then is what led me to start this blog. Having been a long-time consumer of tech-related content throughout my life I thought maybe it was time to give back and share what I have to offer. I like to think that the hours I have poured into learning the ins and outs of the tech that perforates my life will be of use, not only to those around me but now, with the power of the internet and this blog, a much wider audience. 


Ultimately then, the point of this blog is to give you all an insight into my interests, learnings, pet peeves, frustrations, desires and goals with the tech that I use. I also hope that you find some benefit here and you will be equally as happy to share and contribute your opinions. I would love to hear them. 


Here is the legend on his 100th birthday rocking his Apple watch, iPhone and no doubt his 13-inch iPad Pro is not too far away ❤️ Oh and don't forget the glass of 🍷

Not sure where the cap came from...

My Day Job


Unfortunately, writing this blog is not my full-time day job, so to pay the bills I work in the Engineering and Manufacturing industry, specifically, I help deliver Augmented Reality solutions to a wide range of customers.


"What is Augmented Reality?" I hear some of you saying... Below is an example but fundamentally Augmented Reality (AR) is taking something digital and displaying it in context, in the real world. There is also an AR model of my home office on the Home Page

The type of solutions we offer vary, from using AR to aid training and get manufacturing staff up to speed as soon as possible, to developing mobile applications for marketing teams, enabling them to present their products at trade shows or to aid the sales staff.

As you can see, my interest in this has also stretched out into my choice of career too. Not a bad thing I suppose.

Stay in touch

If you would like to keep up-to-date, why not subscribe so you are notified about when I put out a post? I don't have a "Mailing list" so you won't be spammed monthly, weekly or daily. 


If you're not ready to subscribe yet then why not take a look at some of my content?

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