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How to get Free Books on your Kindle

I really enjoy my Kindle which is something I would have never said a few years ago. Kindle really did change my outlook on reading and opened up a whole new window of opportunity. I have covered this experience in a previous blog post - Why you should get a Kindle if you don’t read. What I like more than reading though, is reading for free.

I recently stumbled upon PDF Drive which is a website containing an archive of PDFs, to be specific, it is an archive of links that direct to PDFs stored somewhere on the web. PDF Drive constantly scours the web looking for new links to PDFs and when it finds one it adds the link to the archive. Pretty cool stuff.

You can find all sorts on the site but what makes it of interest to us is that there are thousands of books available in PDF format (try giving some a search and see what you get in return). A good majority of these PDFs are also available in EPUB format which is an e-book file that can be loaded onto your Kindle.

So let’s take a look at how you can do it.

How to get Free Books

There are a few ways of getting these e-book files onto your Kindle but using the Kindle app appears to be the easiest and fastest method. Below are the steps when using an iPhone but the same logic should apply if you have an Android phone.

  1. Go to PDF Drive

  2. Search for a book of your choosing

  3. Select the book you’d like to download

  4. Select the three dots next to the download button and select “Convert”

  5. Ensure “EPUB” is selected and tap “Convert”

  6. Tap “Download”

  7. Allow the file to download and then open the file location (This should be in iCloud Drive which can be found in the Folders app)

  8. Tap and hold the EPUB and select "Share", send the EPUB to the Kindle app

  9. Edit any information should you wish

Note: It can take a few minutes for the publication to show in the Kindle app so be patient

Wrap up

If you are looking for more cost-saving tips why not take a look at how you can dodge those pesky Pay-Walls

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p.s. Sorry, it has been a while since my last post. I fell off the wagon so to speak. Hopefully, I am now back on it and the usual release cycle should resume.

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